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A community space, in the gallery of the Richard Jefferies Museum, where art will be zoomed into YouTube with Babycham, cheese and pineapple, psychedelia, You (as in Tube) and Hilda in one form or another. Sit and read poetry, talk about poetry, write poetry, and perform in front of your friends to the background music of Leo Sayer. Or sit and draw, read anything you like to a selection of 70s hits or the Sound of Silence. This is a project of Poetry Swindon and the Richard Jefferies Museum Trust.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Sue Bardwell is in the Lounge

On Thursday we set up the lounge. It was all van hire and heavy lifting so I stayed out of it until I could make a cup of tea and put a record on. It is starting to look quite lovely but still needs a few touches. The Rockabilly sofa is still not in situ but we have an old gold sprung back original from my real lounge and I have become the queen of Ebay as stuff arrives daily and I quiz upon why I ordered it, 'was it really that colour?' - that's the 70s.

Artist Sue Bardwell also arrived on Thursday armed with a G Plan magazine rack, a wonderful light shade and and some magnificent art. She really was a great choice for the lounge with her wallpaper hangings of spray paint and flora - amazing!

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