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A community space, in the gallery of the Richard Jefferies Museum, where art will be zoomed into YouTube with Babycham, cheese and pineapple, psychedelia, You (as in Tube) and Hilda in one form or another. Sit and read poetry, talk about poetry, write poetry, and perform in front of your friends to the background music of Leo Sayer. Or sit and draw, read anything you like to a selection of 70s hits or the Sound of Silence. This is a project of Poetry Swindon and the Richard Jefferies Museum Trust.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Morning with Wayne

I've known Wayne for a number of years, initially through Artswords Writers Cafe, and then as a regular reader at Poetry Swindon Open Mic. Wayne is a recovering alcoholic and he also suffers from mental illness. Poetry has helped Wayne in his recovery process and he has self-published several books to help share his ideas and poems more widely.  I was delighted when Wayne asked to be part of the lounge project as it has been such a pleasure to see him develop his work and grow in confidence through reading out loud and performance. It's an inspiration to others and to us at Poetry Swindon to see the importance of public engagement and how what we do can make a difference and perhaps even improve lives through poetry.

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